A Four-Door Lamborghini Force

Lamborghini EstoqueIn the words of Lamborghini’s head of brand and design, Manfred Fitzgerald, the world’s first super-sedan is on its way-set to arrive in 2012.  The Lamborghini Estoque will be gracing us with its presence in a few short years, and will essentially create a new niche of luxury sedan in its wake.

The concept sedan was revealed at the Paris auto show, and will be following the tracks of fellow luxury car brands such as the Aston Martin Rapide and the Porsche Panamera, both of which are set to hit the market in 2012 also.

An amount of people may not grasp how competitive and downright volatile the world of exotic cars actually is.  In order to survive in the business, you have to stay miles ahead of the competition, or at the very least, remain attractively unique from them-set your brand apart.  For this reason, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann’s strategy is that three legs to stand on is superior to two, thus the Estoque will join the Murcielago and the Gallardo.

The concept sedan comes to be following the SUV wave that passed.  With unconventional architecture for a Lamborghini, this super-sedan caters to a larger audience, giving it exceptional market power.  The inside is like a luxurious cocoon, with ultimate comfort.  The Lamborghini Estoque features a front-engine, rated at approximately 420 horsepower, differentiating it from the two mid-front engines that the brand currently offers.   This is an exciting new offering from a luxury brand that sets the tone and takes the wheel in many aspects.  If you cannot exactly own one, remember there is always the option to enjoy a Lamborghini rental in Miami.

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