Spain World Cup a Virgin Victory

Two new teams definitely made the World Cup final interesting!

When the trophy was awarded to the winners of soccer’s World Cup, it was destined to be a special joy for the players and for the nation of either team, as each was in line for a first-time champion.

Spain faced the Netherlands in the World Cup final on Sunday in Johannesburgh, South Africa, and the anticipation for both countries and their fans were off the charts.

Spain has never won the World Cup until now, and has never before reached the final. This, in spite of the fact they are one of the most respected teams in the game, sporting a roster full of elite players, and are the reigning European champions, having claimed that crown in 2008.

They dispatched a strong German team in Wednesday’s semi-final, winning 1-0 in an efficient, and impressive display of ball control and relentless pressure.

The Dutch whipped Argentina and England with 4 -goal outbursts in both games, and booked a spot in the final, edging pesky Uruguay 3-2.

The Netherlands have reached the final game twice before, losing to Germany in 1974, and to Argentina in 1978. It has been years of disappointment since then as they have fielded teams full of fabulous players, but Spain World Cuphave always fallen short. Earlier this week, after the semi-final win by The Netherlands, Amsterdam’s Museum Square was awash in the orange colors of the team and with celebrating fans, thrilled that they stood a chance to win the World Cup.

The Spanish were similarly jubilant on Wednesday.  The goal that sent Spain to the final, came from veteran defender, Carles Puyol, and not only elicited tears of joy and much hugging and singing of "Ole! Ole! Ole!" back in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor, but even had the normally poised Queen Sofia jumping to her feet and cheering from her spot in the stands at the match in South Africa.  The final game was even sweeter! 


Emotions run deep among soccer fans, and these finalists were two of the most passionate sports nations in the world.  A "virgin" victory was assured for one of them, and Spain certainly deserved it!


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