Functional Art Caught Our Eye

Art in all its forms has been the theme of the week. Whether film, sculpture, light installation, music or fashion, art is art and finding that piece that makes you say "oh wow," is pretty cool. We have come across a relatively new fashion designer that is worth mentioning because, well, we thought "oh wow." Barbara í Gongini turns her inspirations into art and functional fashion pieces.  The Danish designer has gone avant-garde with black wedding dresses and knits that seem so simple yet brilliant. Like a bug attracted to the light, it is hard to look away from the collection.

Barbara is fascinated with graphic forms and primitive silhouettes, but she is forward thinking. The nouveau designer uses eco-friendly jersey and has a strong belief in helping the environment through sustainable products. Barbara is not in the business of mass production but rather a high level of quality and innovation. She divides her collection into two extreme pointsof view. I-rEguLar is the inventive side, where Barbara plays around with sundry themes of art and design. REguLar is the more basic side of I-rEguLar, both ahering to Barbara’s personal expression on form.

Her take on fashion, and life is elitist, bold, daring and eloquent. Barbara í Gongini should make no apologies but rather continue to design because this is what high society is all about. Stylists, keep Barbara i Gongini’s line in mind for the next Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. If you are unclear as to what the Gala at the MET is then we don’t know who you are, but you’re probably nobody. The Costume Institute Gala is only the most elite fashion gathering, in New York City, of A-list celebrities and designers on the globe. Celebrities wear avant-garde and futuristic fashions ever pushing the artistic envelope and we respect it all. Barbara i Gongini is looking to expand her collection into high end bags, jewelry and shoes, you go girl!