Futuristic 2036 Luxury Car Interpreted by Mercedes-Benz

The future of transportation does not involve Deloreans or horses, according to Mercedes-Benz. The futuristic 2036 luxury car, as interpreted by the brand, is a front-runner for new forms of energy and fuels, as the disembodied futuristic voice in the short video below will describe! Is this the future of our Mercedes Benz rentals?

Futuristic 2036 Luxury Car

Mercedes took advantage of the Frankfurt Auto Show to tout the futuristic sedan, aptly named the F 125 concept. How does Ferrari feel about the use of the ‘F’?

If this is the potential future of Mercedes and perhaps luxury motoring as we know it, let’s tear it apart a bit and see its guts. The disembodied female voice in the video adds a touch of science fiction to this tale!

Futuristic cars

At least the Mercedes car is a bit more realistic than this rendering of a future BMW. This looks like it belongs in an arcade…

Looks and power:

Power in the F 125 concept stems from four electric motors fueled by lithium sulphur batteries and a hydrogen powered fuel cell. Onboard storage tanks hold enough fuel to travel approximately 620 miles. For the granola types: All of this, while emitting zero pollution.

The body is comprised of carbon fiber, so apparently Mercedes expects the lightweight material will still reign supreme in 23 years. Also present are reinforced plastics, aluminum and the sturdiest of steels.

Gullwing doors finish off the Back-to-the-Future vibe of this Mercedes concept. That is about where the normalcy ends, however!

Future cars

Automated driver, anyone?

If Mercedes has its way, drunk driving could be a thing of the past—just engage your auto driver and relax! The onboard computer and semi-autonomous mode is activated and controlled by hand gestures.

future cars

Not a fan? Don’t panic– Mercedes has 25 years to squash any bugs…and create the hydrogen infrastructure. Look for this futuristic 2036 luxury car at a later date!


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