The Top 5 Exotic Cars from the 2013 Geneva Motor Show

As we prepare for the upcoming 2014 Geneva Motor Show, a glance back at last year’s stars is in order. The top 5 exotic cars from last year’s show should get everyone excited for what is to come this year!

Looking back, it is certainly going to be a challenge to top last year’s Geneva Motor Showstoppers:

Geneva Motor Show

5. The Lamborghini Veneno. Lamborghini shocked the world with this $4 million dollar, 750 horsepower hyperbull. It was a dramatic departure from the likes of the flagship Gallardo. While the Gallardo reigned supreme for eons, the brand is taking a sharp corner in both the design and power arenas for the future.

Geneva Motor Show

4. LaFerrari. Ferrari was not overshadowed by the Lamborghini Veneno. Rather than swallowing that sort of defeat, it took the opportunity to reveal the hybrid LaFerrari. With a staggering 950+ prancing in its stable, this aggressive preview of the future was a showstopper.

Geneva Motor Show

3. Porsche 911 GT3. Porsche continues to upgrade and modernize the much-loved 911. The fresh white coat and modern curves really work for this model.

Geneva Motor Show

2. Koenigsegg Hundra. With both power and aesthetics, Koenigsegg knows what a supercar should look like and never fails to deliver.

Geneva Motor Show

1. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive. Mercedes is also busy with futuristic alternative powertrains, not to mention beauty! The signature gullwing doors are always a crowd pleaser, but the Easter egg yellow hue was a touch off-putting to some.

There were plenty of other supercar stunners at the show, but those five in particular stood out for their achievements. The best brands never settle for simply staying on top, but continuously push the pedal down toward more innovative and powerful ways of thinking. We are ready to see what they have been working on all year to reveal next month!


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