Get a Ferrari F430 Spyder off eBay


EBay is the online platform that transfers one man’s trash into another man’s treasure. Albeit a matter of personal opinion, one can browse the webpages of eBay freely selling or buying everything and anything. From a shoelace to a 2006 Ferrari F430 Spyder, which we, Imagine Lifestyles, have put up for auction. Buying a Ferrari off eBay may seem a ballsy move but someone is going to do it. The specific F430 Spyder that we put up on eBay has less than 600 original miles, 575 miles to be exact. This silver Ferrari was bought in New Jersey in December 2006 and repossessed right back to the dealership because that’s what happens when posers can’t make payments. Thereafter, an Imagine Lifestyles client bought the car in a single cash payment from Manhattan Motor Cars of New York. Our client had the Ferrari shipped down to Miami, Florida where the F430 Spyder has been garaged ever since.

The Ferrari Spyder convertible is silver, flawless and fully-stocked. There has not been a scratch, ding or dent, she is in sexy condition. Meaning this Spyder is as good as off the lot and has never undergone any body work.  If you don’t believe us then order an independent body inspection for yourself. The interior is black with special stitching; plus, upgraded carbon fiber dash, doors and steering wheel. The Ferrari Spyder has F1 transmission, Power Daytona seats and a Valentine 1 custom radar built into the mirror. Imagine Lifestyles already owns two Ferrari F430 Spyders, and if we were in the market for another we would buy this one rather then auction it off on eBay. We are paying it forward because everybody should be lucky enough to own a Ferrari F430 Spyder convertible. Bidding starts at $199,999 and there are three days left on the auction. Bid up for the Ferrari F430 Spyder, deals like this don’t come around everyday. Life is short, reward yourself with treasure.