A Golf Cart that Costs More than a Porsche Boxster? Really?

Garia Soliel de Minuit Golf Cart When we heard about a golf cart that will set you back more than a Porsche Boxster, we were intrigued.  Scratching our gearheads, we then learned that the luxury golf cart is actually manufactured in Porsche’s factory in Finland. 

Here is where the confusion comes into play:  Who in their right mind would drop $52,000 on a golf cart, when they could have a Porsche Boxster for $45,000-$55,000 (depending on the add-ons you select).  If anyone chooses the golf cart, they better already have a Boxster or something better….or be Tiger Woods.  Hey, does it come with a portable bedroom for that price?  He may get tired during the course of the game.

So let’s investigate what makes this luxury cart worth so much money.  It is called the Garia Edition Soleil de MGaria Edition Dashboard inuit, and it is scheduled to make its debut in Monaco, for a group of affluent drivers at the luxury show “Top Marques”.  Here are some of its major selling points:

•    A carbon fiber roof
•    Custom paint
•    Hand-stitched leather seating
•    Dashboard refrigerator
•    Eco-friendly

Those things are all nice, but they do not add up to $52,000 dollars of nice to us.  True, it is built with a frame from the same supplier as Aston Martin, and a gearbox from Ducati’s supplier, but so what.  You can’t tell by looking at it that it is anything special, and we doubt everyone wants to hear you brag at every hole and the clubhouse ba2010 Porsche Boxsterr about how much you blew on your damned golf cart. 

Unless it comes with a hot supermodel to ride around the course with you, we are missing the appeal on this one.  You could go for an Aston Martin rental every weekend for over a year for that price.  Do any of our fans happen to know if there are any buyers for this golf cart yet?

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals