Google Auto Enthusiast Shows the Dough!

Online auto forums can be downright brutal, as Google exec Benjamin Sloss Treynor is well aware! Recently, the auto enthusiast encountered a hater requested that Treynor prove that he indeed owns a Ferrari 458 Italia, a McLaren 12C spyder and a Raptor. The skeptic also requested that he further reduce doubt by photographing them with…slices of bread.

Google auto enthusiast

Treynor frequents automotive forums and was asked to provide proof that he owns a few supercars. Challenge accepted: hilarity ensued.

Treynor accepted the challenge gracefully and set about to show some serious dough. Not only did he photograph each supercar with bread, he opted to use a type of bread for each car that paid homage to its native country. He accomplished this task as follows:

  • On the Ford Raptor is a hearty loaf of New York rye bread
  • On the Ferrari 458 Italia is a loaf of Italian bread
  • And perched on the McLaren 12C spyder is a batch of lovely English crumpets! 

Google auto enthusiast

Ferrari 458 Italia

Google auto enthusiast

McLaren 12C spyder

Google auto enthusiast

Ford Raptor. Photos by Treynor via SVTPerformance

Treynor is the Vice President of Engineering at Google, which explains his online prowess. It is rare to find an engineer with an intact sense of humor, which he has certainly proven to possess! This was not, of course, the first time Treynor’s online identity has been questioned. In the past he has responded by posting photos of his kid hoisting a sign with his username, Treynor.

He is also the Google exec who won the auction for a Ferrari 599XX evo, which was sold to benefit Italian earthquake victims. Overall, he is smart, wealthy, displays fine taste in supercars and can hold his own online!


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