The Search is Over–The Google Yacht!

Google founder and trillionaire Larry Page’s latest superyacht is appropriately named ‘Senses’–and it has something for all of them! Superyacht Senses is a $45 million dollar floating dream equipped with every amenity one needs for a personal paradise. Don’t be jealous—indulge every time you charter a yacht from your friends at Imagine Lifestyles, without sacrificing your net worth!

Larry Page Yacht

Senses yacht

This marks the 2nd luxury yacht for Page, who can certainly afford them. He purchased this stunner from Douglas Myers and it was created by Kusch Yachts back in 1999 at Germany’s Schweers yard. Senses received a total makeover in 2010 where she was fitted with the interior trimmings of sought-after designer Philippe Starch.If Mr. Page is paged for an important meeting, a helicopter is available instantly for transport.

Yacht senses

This is definitely a sweet yacht, but it lacks the cool James Bond-ish submarine like the flashy PJ World Yacht concept

Page can entertain at sea with proper accommodations for up to 10 guests and 14 crewmembers spanning over 6 decks. The tech mogul took his time contemplating the purchase, spending time on Senses while she was docked in New Zealand and chartering other yachts around Tahiti prior to purchase.

Yacht senses

Yacht senses is ready for any event, or just an afternoon brunch at sea

Google may be the most massive online company (forgetting Facebook), but Page may be the most modest—Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s megayacht is 415-feet long with a $200 million dollar price tag! Page even went pre-owned, showing his green side while still managing to make others green with envy.

Superyacht senses

Elegantly appointed living space

Larry Page

The Pages purchased the yacht just prior to the new year

Paul Allen Yacht

Paul Allen’s prized yacht, “Octopus”

Google had no comment on the purchase. Don’t miss our inventory of luxury rentals—yachts, cars, aircraft and more!


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