Guy Makes Carbon Fiber Touchscreen Tablet PC

Carbon Fiber Interior Hits Luxury CarsSo what happens if they are not making the touchscreen laptop that you envision in your mind?  Well, if that mind is fully equipped and so inclined, you make your own!

Apparently this guy appreciates the new touchscreen trend, but is not so appreciative of Mac products.  So he simply made his own touchscreen PC tablet.  Yeah.  

To make the touchscreen PC more alluring, he gave it carbon fiber casing, which is the current luxury material craze.  Carbon fiber is used in everything from exotic car rentals to pieces of art.  In a world of diamond and gold bedazzled and encrusted laptop cases, I for one find the carbon fiber casing a breath of fresh air!  (It should be noted, however, that the best way to achieve a breath of fresh air with carbon fiber is inside a luxury car rental with the top dropped). 

The carbon fiber PC laptop he created is also larger than the new iPad, as demonstrated in the YouTube video.  It also seems to function almost flawlessly, making it simple to view movies and perform various other tasks.  I certainly hope someone scoops this genius up and offers him a job, because I feel I would be purchasing his products, and that they would only get cooler over time if he had an engineering budget to work with!

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