Bold Claims: Haas F1 Chassis is Better than Ferrari

When you are an established force in the automotive industry but a newcomer to the F1 Racing arena, you can be humble or you can be Haas–who just announced that they think their first-ever F1 chassis is superior to Ferrari’s. True or false, you simply must admire their bravado with that exceedingly bold claim. So what makes them think this to be true?

Haas F1 ChassisHaas seems to have some arrangements with Ferrari, but also knows how to utilize the media to spread awareness of their new game. And what better way than to jolt readers with bold claims?

The Haas F1 chassis, according to founder Gene Haas, is going to be “substantially different in construction from the Ferrari one, because we are just doing it separately.” He also claimed that the overall design is better and that is because rather than mimic the established racing brands, they have taken a new and different road. Haas tapped Italian manufacturer Dallara for the chassis, rather than creating it in their California-based automation headquarters.

Haas F1 will start their racing career next season with Romain Grosjean and Esteban Gutierrez piloting vehicles with Ferrari engines. While borrowing power from Ferrari seems ok to Haas, they view the Prancing Horse’s chassis as comfortable, a tried-and-true safety net that is somehow about to be viewed as a relic.

Haas F1 ChassisOverall, Haas is a start-up team with precious little to actually boast about at this premature stage in the game. That does not make it less amusing or attractive to follow, however, and they certainly managed to grab the attention of the F1 circuit. Grosjean is currently with Lotus racing and Gutierrez possesses knowledge of the Ferrari brand from his time served as the team’s reserve driver.

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