Hawaii Police Hitting the Streets in Hybrid Patrol Cars!

What better location to start what has the potential to be a green trend than Honolulu, Hawaii? The Honolulu police department has recently purchased 25 hybrid vehicles to serve as the next generation of police cruisers!

Ford Fusion Police Cars NY

Ford Fusion Police Cars in NY (For some reason there were no images of the Honolulu fleet yet)

While they are not luxury hybrid cars, the hybrid police car fleet is centered on keeping the glorious island state clean and green. The hybrid cars are a combination of gas and electric, providing approximately 41 miles per gallon city, which is roughly 3 times better than the standard Crown Vics out there. Crown Victoria’s have been used for far too long, I mean, I know I am not the only one who sees one on the streets and automatically slows down, only to discover it is not a cop.

Hawaii police car

A Toyota that did not make the cut

Honolulu dropped $43,000 each for the cars, which includes the typical law-enforcement flair like sirens, lights, radios and computer ports. Overall, each unit is around $3,000 more than its gas-guzzling predecessor, a sum that will be more than made up for in fuel savings.

Hawaii Crown Victoria Cruiser

Hawaii Crown Victoria Cruiser

Now down to the entertaining stuff! The usual cages will be installed in the units, and yes, they will be used in high-speed chases because they can reach up to 100 miles per hour! The hybrids have decent acceleration, hitting the 0-60 mark in about 8 seconds…not bad!

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Funny police car pics

Is this the future of law enforcement? Jk





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