Hearse Drivers Happy as Hell in Michigan

In the city of Hell, Michigan, a car club has made headlines by attempting to set the world record for the longest procession of hearses.  Yes, that was hearses, not horses, as in the death mobile of the auto industry.  What the hell, you say?  Indeed.

The car club is named ‘Just Hearse’N Around’, and went after the Guinness World Record from their hometown near Detroit.  The club did not obtain the world record, but a good time was had and participants were happy in Hell (Michigan, that is).
Just Hearse'N Around Car Club in Hell Michigan
In order to qualify for the world record, each of the hearses was to be driven in procession for just over two miles.  A solemn 43 hearses showed up for the annual event, starting in Hell and ending at the Terrified Forest in Pinckney, Michigan.  So they attempt this every year?  Who the hell holds the current record?  My best guess would be the funeral of Princess Di, or Elvis.  So what are the participants like?

Most of the club members are not professional hearse drivers or even morticians.  So what is the appeal?  The members claim to simply love to have fun and Halloween, too.  According to a club member,

"No one ever died in a hearse. They’re dead when they get there. People die in ambulances every day, and nobody’s creeped out by them."
Black PT Cruiser
A dear friend of mine cracked me up one day when he announced that he thought his brother’s black PT Cruiser resembled a hearse.  I cannot say I disagree with him, what are your thoughts?

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