Her Madge-esty in Manhattan. Luxury NY Property.

If you’ve never been jealous of Madonna now you just might. The reigning queen of pop just bought a New York property fit for royalty. Madonna purchased an Upper East Side mansion for $40 million. The luxurious Manhattan mansion has, count them, 13 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms! It features a garden, nine fireplaces, an elevator, wine cellar with grotto and a two car garage. The only reported downside is that a nearby subway sometimes makes the mansion shake a little. Madonna has apparently overlooked the inconvenience. Madge has no plans to move in yet, as she wants to do major renovations first. When you drop money like this on a space, it better be perfect to the “T” before you call it home sweet home. Looks like her Madge-esty may be a permanent New York resident and a whole lot closer to her Yankee "friend" Alex Rodriquez.