Hidden Dangers of Rental Cars

Imagine Lifestyles Luxury RentalsIt may surprise you to learn that among the leading rental car companies in the U.S, there are some serious hidden dangers.  It is always advised to go with a trusted and credible rental car or luxury rental car establishment to ensure your safety.  Case in point, recalls and rental car company policies.

Yes, rental car companies across the United States are host to hundreds of thousands of rental cars.  When you slide behind the wheel of your next one, be sure you are aware of the companies policies regarding recalls.  The tragic deaths of two sisters driving a PT Cruiser rented from Enterprise.  Rachel and Jackie Houck were driving the PT Cruiser, which had not been service, despite Enterprise being notified of the recall.  The cars were recalled due to a power steering fluid leak that could potentially cause a fire.  The girls were driving the car at highway speeds when it caught fire, causing them to lose steering, veering into an oncoming tractor trailer, killing both girls.

While Enterprise did pay the parents of the girls $15 million, there was not and still is not a corporate policy within the company that prevents recalled vehicles from being rented to the public prior to being serviced.  Is this hush money for a much larger issue?  Is the profit of renting out recalled cars worth the loss of lives?  Insanity.

This is a tragic story, and one that could easily be prevented.  If you must rent a car from a large company, or company you are unfamiliar with, know what models are under recall, and inquire if that car has been serviced prior to renting it! 

We at Imagine Lifestyles are always sharing helpful rental car and luxury rental car tips to better protect our clients from unsavory practices and dangers.  Our fleet of Miami luxury rental cars and Chicago exotic rental cars are fully maintained and always have up to date recall inspections.  If you have any tips to add, please comment below or email us and we will happily add them to our site to help educate others!

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