High Speed and Green, The Tesla Roadster Sport


The Tesla Roadster has been delivered to 150 people and another 1,100 more people are on the waiting list. People waiting, now, have the option to upgrade to the newer Tesla Roadster Sport. The Sport is a faster all-electric, zero-emission version of the Roadster. The green Roadster Sport does 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds which is .2 seconds faster than its predecessor. The Tesla Sport has increased winding density for lower resistance and higher peak torque. Equipped with Yokohama Ultra High Performance tires, better suspension and driver customized anti-roll bars. The Tesla Roadster Sport starts at $128,500 and deliveries will begin in late June.  The rich and famous alike are pro-Tesla thanks to some seriously green appeal. The look of the Tesla Roadster and Roadster Sport is nothing to brag about but the zero-emissions, environmentally trendy bit is something to always brag about. Tell everybody about green luxury.