History and Specs of the Ferrari California

Ferrari CaliforniaLaunched at the 2008 Paris Motor Show, the aesthetics and aerodynamics of the Ferrari California bore into the hearts of fans worldwide.  In a surprising move, the exotic car company intends to produce a staggering 5,000 California’s within the first two years at a brand new factory beside the existing Maranello one, increasing production by 50%.   Perhaps more shocking is that the model is already sold out until 2012.

The Ferrari California is a grand touring sports supercar with a hard top convertible, hats off to Ferrari.  The price range will be similar to the Ferrari F430.  The new California revives the “California” name used for the Ferrari 250 GT of the 1950s.  The 1950 California Spyder was designed to entice the wealthy and dense California fanbase who require a droptop to enjoy the fair weather year-round.

The latest California model is quite similar to the 250 GT model, though by brand standards it is on the overly luxurious side because it is intended to attract the customers of exotic brands such as the Bentley Continental GTC, Aston Martin DB9 Volante and the Mercedes SL AMG.  Customers who prefer those brands are in search of an elevated level of comfort from say the Ferrari F430, and thus the California is Ferrari’s solution to acquiesce these customers.

Let’s get down to specs.  Not everyone knows that the California is actually an open-top V8 front-engine mounted GT, the first ever by the company.  This 4.3-liter boasts 453 prancing horses-catapulting it from the 0-60 mark in less than 4 seconds.

Major selling points include the first-ever retractable hardtop, direct fuel injection and twin-clutch gearbox-essentially it is the most un-Ferrari Ferrari to date.   A pair of diminutive rear seats are useful for toting golf clubs in the Ferrari, though unsuitable for even a child.

Another claim to fame for the California is the fact that it is the most aerodynamic Ferrari to date, having spent upwards of 1,000 hours in the wind tunnel.  The drag coefficient of the California model is 0.32 with the top up.

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