A Hotel With 6 Rooms?

Chicago Boutique Hotel Doubles as a Bar, Damn Good Restaurant

Ok, maybe calling Logan Square newbie Longman and Eagle a hotel is a bit of a stretch.  What exactly do you call a place that serves up Michelin Star winning food, offers a tremendous collection of local beers on tap, and has 6 rooms available for guests to stay the night?  I guess you could call it a hotel, right?


Longman and Eagle

Located at 2657 N. Kedzie, Longman and Eagle is a business traveler’s dream come true.  Toss your bags into one of six unique rooms depending on what you are looking for from a good night sleep and head down and grab a few beers while you wait for dinner.  They don’t take reservations, and the joint is becoming extremely popular with the locals so expect to have 2-3 drinks as you wait for your table.  Trust us though; it will be well worth the wait.  This hotel along with a exotic car from of fleet of Chicago luxury car rentals and you will be set.

Longman and Eagle

Chef Jared Wentworth changes the menu daily based on what local ingredients are available so each time you go expect to see a new take on some classic American fare.  I highly recommend the Wild Boar Sloppy Joe if it is available.  What might not sound like the most appetizing dish on the menu will only leave you wanting another one.  Arrive before 3 PM daily and give the breakfast/brunch menu a go and you can get their much quicker in a Chicago Ferrari rental car if need be.  The biscuits and gravy are raved about and claim to be one of the best in the city by many devout followers of the restaurant.  Whether or not you take advantage of the hotel side of Longman and Eagle, this place is a must visit for foodies in the city of Chicago.


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