How About Spending $400 for a Night Out…

You’re planning a night out and you want to impress your date. You know she’s expecting you to take her to a restaurant, but you don’t want this to be an average date–you want to take her some place extraordinary. This place has to include award-winning cuisine, beautiful décor and the best service in the city. Is there such a place?

Alinea Decor

Well, yes there is…it’s the Alinea Restaurant. Located on 1723 N. Halsted in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, Alinea is rated #6 in the 2011 “The Best Restaurant in North America” list. The décor is minimalist, and the food is served on pieces like test tubes, thin, wooden platforms and multi-leveled bowls and plates. And with a visit to Alinea, you don’t have to worry about taking your date to the movies or the theater. The restaurant prides itself in making the food service a theatrical performance in and of itself. Servers bring and place the cuisine in carefully choreographed movements, with an inordinate attention to detail on how you will experience the cuisine at first sight.
Alinea Kitchen
However, this type of experience doesn’t come cheaply. Currently, Alinea’s menu only has an 18-course tasting menu for $210 per person. This tasting menu includes oysters, wild mushrooms, black truffles and octopus. This reflects recent changes to Alinea’s menu, which once offered a 28-course tasting menu, costing $1000 per person
Alinea Cuisine
Many who have dined at Alinea say that isn’t just a great meal but a total dining experience. And if you want to experience it for yourself, Alinea is only open for dinner, Wednesdays through Sundays. 
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