How Ferrari’s Prancing Horse Logo Began

Ferrari has one of the most recognizable logos in the automotive industry, perhaps even the world! If you have ever wondered how the black horse with the electric yellow backdrop came to be, view the video below for a brief minute and a half history of the logo. The history behind the prancing horse is as cool as the logo itself, and spans back in time to the early 1900s!

In the short clip above, the story of the Ferrari logo is outlined. It is a story that Enzo Ferrari told just once, so pay attention!

Lamborghini has its fighting bull logo, Bentley has wings, and Ferrari has always put its best hoof forward with its prancing horse. Ferrari is a company rich in history and talent with a fleet of exotic sports cars that continue to push the pedal on innovation and luxury.

Ferrari Logo History

The famous Ferrari prancing horse logo as we know it today

Ferrari logo

The earlier shield version of the Ferrari logo remains equally popular today

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