How Long is the Wait List for the 2013 Range Rover?

The 2013 Range Rover launched just a few months ago, and already the demand is high! Those interested in the newest luxury SUV from the marquee will now be waiting 6-12 months for delivery! Can’t wait that long? Rent a Range Rover from us for your next weekend getaway!

2013 Range Rover

The news came directly from Land Rover’s North American chief, Chris Marchand, who revealed that the 2013 units are already sold out for the next 6-12 months.

The next-gen Range Rover is equipped with all the best technology, sumptuous luxury and those high-performance road credentials we have all come to expect. Therefore, it comes a little surprise that fans of the brand are eager to wrap their digits around the wheel of the 2013 model, and are willing to wait to do so! Will the 2014 Range Rover steal the show before some receive their 2013 rides? It is possible!

2013 Range Rover

Supply and demand can be a bitch, which is made clear by Land Rover’s decision not to even bring the base model to the United States. The base model Range Rover (2013) starts at $83,500. Instead, they went right for the jugular with the smooth HSE model, which starts at $88,545. The prices only go up from there, with a Supercharged starting at $100,000 and $130,000 for the Autobiography Ultimate Edition range-topper. One could say that the brand is having a good year!

2013 Range Rover

The 2013 Range Rover fleet has slimmed down for added power, dropping around 700 pounds from its curb weight!

The Range Rover SUV is a double-edged sword, a powerful and sporty exterior paired with a luxury cabin brimming with modern electronics. The heady blend will keep buyers interested as new models continue to excite.

2013 Range Rover

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