Hugh Heffner Spares No Expense on Wedding, No Pre-Nup Exists

I decided to let Kanye finish…

Playboy mogul and every man’s alter ego, Hugh Heffner, will spare no expense on his June 18th, 2011 nuptials.  Heffner, 84, and fiancée Crystal Harris, 24, are excitedly planning a wedding for approximately 300 guests, and according to Harris, It will be the most romantic wedding ever!”  The luxury cars and exotic rental cars will line the streets.

Interestingly, it has also been reported that Hugh is not putting a prenuptial agreement in place ahead of the event. Has he learned nothing of the most expensive celebrity divorces?

Hugh Heffner & Crystal Harris

Will Kendra Wilkinson be among those 300?  Kendra stated that she has yet to receive her ‘save the date’ and is ‘pissed off’.  Hey, didn’t Hugh host Kendra’s wedding at his mansion?  Why hold out on her invite?  Is Harris jealous?

Hef and Harris seem happy

According to a Playboy spokeswoman, “No expense is being spared, Hef wants Crystal to have the wedding of her dreams.”   The wedding will, of course, take place at the luxurious Playboy Mansion, and will be the third for the lifelong player.

Heffner has been surrounded by stunning women for decades, creating what is quite possibly the world’s most effective form of branding.  So why does Hef want to settle down and get married at the age of 84 when he has a mansion full of busty bunnies?

Holly Madison

Former girlfriend and bunny Holly Madison is reportedly hopping mad at the engagement, as she and Heffner parted ways due to his refusal to marry her.  Madison and Heffner dated for 6 years, and he has been dating Crystal Harris for under a year.  Tabloids are on fire with Madison’s reactions, some reports claiming she thinks Harris is after Hugh’s fortune, and other reports paint a picture of Madison as mad because she spent years trying to do the same.

Real or fake photo? 

I only have this to say:  With no money involved, how many gorgeous 20-somethings do you see in the real world dating men who are 60, 70 and 80 years old?  Hugh is no dummy, he knows what is going on and is thankful he has funding for his lifestyle.

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