Hungry? Luxury Restaurant Nobu Opens in Hungary

The delicious institution that is Nobu, among the best luxury Japanese restaurants in existence, has extended its reach to Hungary, Central Europe.  Now patrons can enjoy the sublime seafood offerings at Nobu Budapest.

The grand opening of Nobu Budapest marks the 22nd successful restaurant creation by celebrity chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, and the culinary cues show no sign of stagnation!  I can already picture the exotic and luxury car rentals lined up at the valet, but what signature dishes will be on the menu at this luxury Japanese restaurant?

Nobu Hungary is set to tantalize the taste buds with alarming attention to detail and creativity with inventive dishes like jalapeno yellowtail sashimi, blackened cod marinated in red miso, a squid pasta in light garlic sauce, and a lobster ceviche in a leaf of butter lettuce.

Nobu is known for their swanky and trendy interior design, and the Budapest location is much the same, with seating to accommodate 130 lucky guests.  Nobu will also be incorporating some of the local Hungarian flavors into its phenomenal fare, and is conceptualizing a signature dish to the new loNobu Hungary Openingcation, perhaps the regional catfish.

Fresh seafood specimens are flown in fresh from Greece, Spain, Italy, Alaska and Sri Lanka to the new Nobu location.  There will certainly be no shortage of fresh flavors according to executive chef Lloyd Roberts,


“We are experimenting with paprika, Tokaji wine, goose liver and Mangalitsa sausage.”


Nobu Budapest also features an adjoining 50-seat luxury bar where guests can sip on an extensive assortment of young sakes straight from Japan.  Overall, you can expect the Hungary spot to exceed expectations like every other location, like Nobu South Beach, which is always popping, with Lamborghini rentals, Ferrari rentals Miami style and more lining the street! 





Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals