Ferrari Believes in Prancing Hybrids, Not Electric Horses

Ferrari is not joining the fast track toward all-electric vehicles. Ferrari Chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo stated the following about his opinion on hybrids vs. electric cars: “I don’t believe in electric cars, but I strongly believe in hybrids.” That sentiment was made very clear with the introduction of the insanely powerful LaFerrari hybrid this year, which pushes out 950 Prancing Horses.

hybrids vs. electric cars

While hybrids are a new road for the Ferrari badge, make no mistake—future hybrids produced will likely match or surpass the $1.34 million dollar price tag of LaFerrari. Ferrari is focused on quality over quantity, and is on a roll dreaming up and creating exquisite machines. These machines boast astronomical prices and there are even rules laid out that must be followed in order to qualify to purchase one. Oh yes, one must qualify and be approved to own the next-generation of Ferrari hypercars, they come with more instructions than a Gremlin.

hybrids vs. electric cars

This does not mean that lesser Ferrari cars will not be made available. By lesser I mean models like the 458 Italia, which can be purchased without prior permission for under $300,000. Montezemolo communicated his goal to have a variety of supercars lined up to tempt more market niches: “I want to have different Ferraris for different Ferraristi.”

Next month the official reveal for the Ferrari 458 Speciale will take place at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This 458 sibling will pack a V8 engine and produce 605 horses. It will serve to drum up interest in the standard Ferrari supercars on the heels of the excitement leftover by the hybrid LaFerrari.

hybrids vs. electric cars

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Overall, Ferrari aims to cut production by roughly 400 units this year. Montezemolo has stated that there will certainly be more Ferrari hybrid models created, in accordance with communicated client desires.

hybrids vs. electric cars

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