Another Player Enters the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Game

The automotive arena is all about change these days, with alternative powertrains positioned firmly at the top of the agenda. The movement began at a snail’s pace and took some years to gain any real traction, but now, many brands are off and running and it is now completely commonplace to see new hybrids emerge. Honda has not only entered the arena, but is moving forward with hydrogen fuel cell technology—something few are dipping into at this juncture.

hydrogen fuel cellPhotos ©Honda

Honda announced that it intends to show off a model of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle as early as the Tokyo Motor Show, which shall commence October 29th-November 8th with the title “Mobilityscape Tokyo” and the overall direction of smart mobility and city cars. This makes the event ideal to unleash a new variant, which has been code named the Honda FCV at this early stage in the game. Here is what we know so far:

The Honda FCV hydrogen fuel cell variant at a glance:

  • Range anxiety is not an issue with a 700 km range
  • It has been called a mobile power plant with an external power feeding inverter and newer regeneration modules
  • High output motors
  • A standard sedan style comfortably seating up to 5 standard adults. Yes, I say standard because we all know that some cars call it rear seating when only a golf bag will fit properly. Humans do not enjoy riding pretzel.

hydrogen fuel cell hondaPhotos ©Honda

Honda is certainly changing gears and has enlisted the bright minds at General Motors to commission the futuristic powertrains via hydrogen storage and fuel cell stacks. To that end, GM has confirmed that it will join with Honda in the creation of a commercially viable hydrogen fuel cell offering by 2020.

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