I Am an Airbus, Bitch. Airbus Clips Comair Flight Video

Airbus takeoff

Airbus on runway

In what could have been a tragedy, an Air France Airbus A380-800 (F-HPJD) Clipped a Comair Bombardier operating as a Delta connection flight as while preparing for departure from JFK.  The Air France Airbus A380 was carrying 520 passengers when it collided with the Bombardier CRJ701ER, moving it the *%&$ out of its way…no injuries were reported, just delays.  The passengers on that flight likely wish they had opted for a private jet charter with a New York exotic rental car waiting for them at the hangar.



Now, with Ludacris’s hit song “Move Bitch” in my head (which would have made an outstanding theme song for this YouTube clip) I shall move on with the details.  Both aircraft sustained some damage from the collision and were taken out of service.  The incident occurred around 8:10 pm, with the Airbus heading to France and the Comair just in from Boston. 

YouTube video above shows the A380’s wingtip clipping the tail section of the CRJ and spinning the aircraft and its 65 occupants almost 45 degrees.

For those unfamiliar with the Airbus, the A380 has been in service since 2007, offering the lowest fuel burn and operating costs available in commercial aviation.  Not only are Airbuses larger and more comfortable, they are less costly to operate and more environmentally friendly.  Seating capacity on an Airbus is around 400-800, allowing sustainable air travel expansion by moving more people, reducing additional flights, at much lower costs.

Airbus Interior

Airbus interior cabin

No worries, the air inside of the Airbus cabin is recycled every three minutes to maintain a fresh atmosphere, and natural light seeps through its 220 cabin windows!  The same 220 windows passengers likely watched the much smaller Comair flight get clipped from!  Follow link for more on the Airbus, and American commercial travel Vs. Eastern commercial travel!

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