I Would Like A Guitar With My VW Please

Would Stevie Ray Vaughan Drive A VW Bug?

Imagine Lifestyles Chicago branch loved almost everything about the car show this year but there was one small feature added by Volkswagen that really caught our attention. Anyone who has ever owned or driven a luxury car knows that you are going to get a premium sound system that delivers incredible sound quality.  Bose and Harmon Kardon come to mind when I think of luxury cars and their sound providers. At this years auto show, VW introduced a new player to car audio and we loved the results.

Fender Guitar

Look for a Fender-branded sound system in the VW Jetta GLI, the Passat, and the all-new VW Beetle. Yes, that is Fender, like the guitar.  And yes, it sounds amazing.  Crank it up loud enough and your legs will feel a little breeze coming out of the door speakers and if your back is aching, sit in the rear seats and let the subwoofer works out all the kinks. Now, we know this vehicle is not parrellel to that of a BMW or Mercedes or a vhicle that we would add to our fleet of Chicago luxury rental cars but we did not want to go without showing you a true luxury surround sound package that VW has made available. 

The Fender Branded sound system would do well in our fleet of Los Angeles luxury rental cars or New York Luxury rental cars for those trying to capture a music audition. What better way to travel to your American idol audition. This system sounds so clear it is a perfect way to drive to you next meeting while critiquing your very own music or project. 

Fender and VW Logo

You don’t have to be a guitar-loving music nut to appreciate quality sound. The Fender system sounds great with or without a guitar playing, and even handled classical and dance music with ease. This new audio format might not be seen outside of a few VW models, but Imagine Lifestyles loves the creativity and is very impressed with what they were able to accomplish. Maybe if the Fender Premium system is a hit you may see the very same if not more advanced system in one of our Chicago BMW rental cars, or our Chicago Mercedes-Benz rental cars. Could Fender be tying to gain some speed and go toe to toe with Bose? I guess we will have to wait until the next car show to see.