If Bugatti Built Bikes, Would They Be Like This?

BMW has steered its way into the liter-bike market with the S1000RR, which is perhaps what Bugatti would build if it entered the luxury bike market! It has been said that the BMW 1000RR is what a superbike should be, the real deal. Let’s look into why this bike could be badder than a Ducati…will we see the Pope’s Ducati fleet replaced by BMW?

The S1000RR is seemingly a flawless approach to true racing power paired with an electronics package that is second to none—a lethal combination.

What makes this bike awesome:
•    A robust chassis beyond reproach
•    Radial brakes
•    Aluminum bridge
•    Sporty tail-up and nose-down styling
•    Integrated rider systems and extreme techy appeal
•    Racing ABS boasting front-wheel only and dynamic traction control. The driver can truly control the power of this bike
•    Bright and fresh colors that add an exotic and sporty vibe

Bugatti Motorcycle concept

Integrated technology
•    Prominent analog tachometer
•    LCD display for speed
•    Clear gear indicator and adjustable shifting light
•    Logs lap times via high-beam trigger or trackside beacon that displays best lap, number of laps, position of accelerator per lap, braking time per lap, max and minimum speeds per lap and the number of gearshifts! Yep, that will do!

BMW s1000r

Variety of bright colors available

While there may be some critics out there who shun too much technology on a sports bike, note that of approximately 80 auto journalists invited to test drive the BMW S1000RR, not a single one dropped a bike! The base S1000RR bike begins at $13,800, a small price to pay for such a great weekend toy!

BMW Motorbikes

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