If You Need A South Beach Time-Out

South Pointe Park is a hidden space at the most southern point of South Beach on First and Washington Avenue. We hate blowing up local spots to tourist but at this point we need to keep them coming back.  South Pointe Park is about a block away from Joe’s Stone Crab restaurant which does have the best stone crabs in the country. They have a pretty awesome take away side if you are looking to make a beach, park picnic. Hot spot Nikki Beach is also right around the corner and they have a hot Sunday afternoon party that is worth checking out. Steakhouse and rawbar restaurant Smith & Wollensky is kind of situated right in the park. The happy hour on the back deck is a shmoozy circus, where you probably won’t even find a seat. The sunset is fantastic and It’s an excuse to get wasted before dark. The multi-million dollar residencies at the Contiuum overlook the park, so you are always in good company. Epic cruise ships pass through the channel, so close to shore it’s surreal. Surfers, models, dogs and joggers frequent the park but South Pointe Park still somehow remains tranquil. There is a little bunch of fountains that you can chill by and take the edge off. The Park is just a cute-sy little spoy that allows you to be in South Beach without having to feel the South Beach hysteria. Check it out if you need a few minutes time-out.