If You Want this Coffee, You’ll Need to Supply Your Fingerprint ID First

Fingerprint ID Coffee & Espresso Maker

I have heard of a great many creative inventions, the obvious results of masterminds on a rampage, but a coffee pot that requires a biometric fingerprint in order to access your morning Joe?  That is like a double jumpstart to your day, way to make the little people feel like they work for NASA!  I can’t even think of a Ferrari rental Miami or other exotic car rental Miami that requires a fingerprint to access, let alone coffee!

Expensive Cofeemakers

If your top secret handcrafted and severely underrated coffee recipe requires protection from the scrutiny of other members of your household, but you are not yet prepared to get a patent, invest in the Xelsis Digital ID coffee maker and put your mind at ease.  It is made of stainless steel casting, resistant to rust, microwave radiation, sniper fire and likely Windex.  And yes, it is available now.


Exotic Coffeemaker

Just think, next time nosey Aunt Matilda or Uncle Moke try to scheme their way into your java concoction, they will be quite surprised by your level of tech security.  They may begin to think of you as the next 007, picturing you dialing up your coffee pot each morning with your fingerprint, prior to racing off in your sleek Aston Martin rental Miami style.  Maybe its time to invest in a few sharp new suits…

James Bond Aston Martin


While we do not have the Xelis quite yet, we do have the best fleet of luxury rental cars in Miami, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, check them out on your way out!


Xelsis Luxury Coffee Maker

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