Video: Imagine Lifestyles Leaves Impression at 2012 Gumball 3000!

The annual Gumball 3000 was a hit this year, with stars and cars from around the globe uniting in the Big Apple (Manhattan) to start the massive engine that is a week of fast and furious fun! This year, the lead car in New York was our Shelby Cobra rental, driven by CEO Maximillion Cooper and rapper/actress Eve–which was the perfect way to kick start the momentum for the week!

Shelby Cobra at Gumball 3000

CEO of Imagine Lifestyles Ryan Safady personally delivered the Shelby to NY for the event. The photo above shows Ryan enjoying a ride in the Shelby around Manhattan!

The clip above shows some of the hot cars in NY, including our Shelby Cobra at the 30 second mark

2012 Gumball 3000 schedule of cities:
•    New York
•    Toronto
•    Indianapolis – Indy 500
•    Kansas City
•    New Mexico
•    Las Vegas
•    Los Angeles

Shelby Cobra rental from Imagine Lifestyles

This annual luxury race has transformed into a week of far more than cars!

The Gumball is now 13 years old, spanning from New York to Los Angeles, even China, with enough torque to keep it going forever. Events include concerts, art shows, sports demos, celebrity appearances, and of course, exotic sports cars everywhere! Gumball promotes safe driving and donates to several charitable organizations.

Ferrari at Gumball 3000

Some of this year’s best cars included:
•    Bugatti Veyron
•    Lamborghini Aventador
•    Ferrari Italia
•    Our Shelby Cobra, of course!
•    Wrapped exotics of all shapes, brands and sizes!

Bugatti at Gumball 3000

Bugatti at Gumball 3000

Escalade at Gumball 3000

Escalade wrapped to perfection

Rolls Royce Phantom

Rolls Royce Phantom rolling with the action

Shelby Cobra at Gumball 3000

Our Shelby Cobra

Gumball 3000 attracts the world’s most prestigious press and media–including Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals, of course!

Gullwing at Gumball 3000

Everyone loves the Mercedes SLR!

2012 Gumball 3000 schedule

The Gumball 3000 route

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