Imagine Lifestyles Test Drives the 2010 Ferrari California

2010 Ferrari CaliforniaLast week Imagine Lifestyles was invited by Ferrari of North America to test drive the new 2010 Ferrari California at The Collection in Coral Gables.  Two test cars were provided for the event, and we were definitely surprised by the new model.

We opted to test out the black on black Ferrari California, which was an incredible look for the luxury car.  Based on our test drive, we can relay that this is truly the first-ever exotic sports car that can serve as a daily driver.  I know you are scowling incredulously in disbelief at that statement, so let’s Rear View of 2010 Ferrari California talk about why.

The 2010 Ferrari California model does not hug the ground like other exotic sports car and Ferrari models, making it easier to get in and out of. 

It also features a navigation system, iPod hookup, and other modern conveniences for daily use not typically found in Ferraris.   There was even a cup holder inside, which we have never seen Ferrari do.  The cockpit was very comfortable, and felt more like a Mercedes or a Bentley from the inside.
2010 Ferrari California
The 2010 California features Ferrari’s new double clutch F1 transmission, which is very impressive.  The double clutch version shifts in stealth mode, and is practically impossible to burn out.  The car is a very smooth ride, and something you want to be seen in. Specs include a 4.3-liter V8 engine producing 460 prancing horses. 

Yes, it would seem that Ferrari has succeeded in producing an exotic daily driver that is marketable to those who are not traditionally Ferrari fans.  Overall, we are very enthusiastic about the 2010 Ferrari California and enjoyed the exhilaration of test-driving it.

The 2010 California is priced under $200,000, but as we all know, when a Ferrari is in demand full price is always paid.  If that is a bit steep, remember there is always the option of a Ferrari rental to perk you up.

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