Imagine Lifestyles With Adrian Grenier

We live the good life people dream of, stick with us and you will get a taste. The Miami Beach nightlife scene is exclusive, fashionable and ever-changing. Florida Room lounge is, at the moment, part of Imagine Lifestyles’ weekly party circuit. Florida Room Tuesdays at the Delano Hotel begin with $20 cocktails and a musical performance by the Big Bounce. Piano man slash singer, Brendan O’ Hara and his beat-boxing band-mate Kamikaze are the Big Bounce and they have recently been attracting big name people into the piano bar.

Last week the big name was HBO darling Adrian Grenier.  Scary Movie actor Simon Rex was at Florida Room as well but no one even cared. Rex was doing anything and everything to get attention but was ultimately just given dirty looks and cast aside.  Adrian Grenier was the only big name worth talking about. Grenier had a table next to our usual Imagine Lifestyles’ table. He was very chill, charming and, of course, with beautiful girls. Grenier is honestly the real life version of his Entourage character Vinny Chase; he is the guy that every guy wants to chill with and every girl just wants. The only difference is that in real life Grenier also makes music, with his band the Honey Brothers. We knew Grenier played drums with his self-proclaimed N.Y.C. Hawaiian-Appalachian glam-rock band but we didn’t expect to get a private performance that night at Florida Room.  When the Big Bounce finished set, Adrian Grenier and the Honey Brothers went to stage and gave Florida Room an impromptu performance. In the absence of a legit drum set, Grenier graced us with his beat-boxing abilities and back up vocals. The Honey Brothers have a special sound, there are really no words but imagine Ween, Weezer, Sebadoh, and the Beach Boys, with a ukulele, some French, a lot of depraved lyrics and you’re close. The girls went wild, SImon Rex sulked off into the hole from whence he came and that was only the beginning of Tuesday night.Â

The point is this, events like this occur every night all around Imagine Lifestyles. Watching Adrian Grenier perform to a crowd of less then 100 people is just an ordinary Tuesday night for us. Imagine Lifestyles knows where you need to go, who you need to know and how to get you there, elitist style. The life you’ve imagined is waiting, cheesy but true because at the end of the day we always know how to play with the big boys.