Introducing the New Bentley Continental GTC

Bentley creates timeless elegance and contemporary design with every model produced, and the new Continental GTC is yet another testament to those elegant endeavors. True to Bentley form, this model features crisp, clean and contemporary design lines coupled with an upscale cabin.

New Bentley GTC

You may be looking at the next addition to our line of Bentley rentals!

Under the hood lurks a dynamic W12 engine that provides ample power for the drop-top exotic car. Bentley is a brand synonymous with open touring luxury cars, as they have been designing the best for nearly 100 years!

The new GTC continental gives a direct nod to its predecessor without recreating it entirely. The new GTC is the very essence of a modern Bentley, from the exterior shape to the available technology in the exquisitely appointed cabin.

New Bentley GTC

The edges are smoother for a more modern appeal

It is exciting to see the brand’s latest direction come to life, and it certainly seems that they will plug forward without becoming stagnant, as is the case with so many exotic car brands!

New Bentley GTC

2011 Bentley GTC

New Bentley GTC



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