Italian Supercar Crashes in Brazil!

A gorgeous LP570-4 Superlegerra has been crashed in Brazil…those pesky roundabouts! The driver was reportedly going a bit too fast to manage the roundabout, sending the supercar spinning into the center. Luckily, no one was injured, however….how embarrassing. It is never any fun to end up making headlines after attempts to enjoy and show-off a supercar.

Italian Supercar crashes in Brazil

Italian supercar crashes in Brazil! Take it easy or take it to the track ladies and gents! This is the only leaked photo of the crash, and the quality is poor, but you can see the front and side damage is extensive.

It is difficult to blame the driver for wanting to press the precious pedal down in the Superlegerra…that is almost like placing a piece of candy on the table and asking a child not to eat it. But safety must come first on public roadways, even in a hypercar like a Lamborghini!

Italian Supercar crashes in Brazil

The LP570-4 Superleggera pays homage to the first-ever Lamborghini production model, the glorious 350 GT. Carrozzeria Touring in Milan designed the 350 GT, while the Superleggera, a lighter version of the Gallardo, hails from Geneva.

Italian Supercar crashes in Brazil

The LP570-4 boasts two body styles with a mid-engine 4-wheel drive layout. Because it is 220 pounds lighter than the popular Gallardo, it is obviously more powerful and more challenging to handle!

Italian Supercar crashes in Brazil

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