Jay Leno Schools Us on the Bugatti Type 51

Auto-brat Jay Leno appears to own every classic and luxury car he has ever wanted, but some forget that the legendary celebrity car collector is actually quite knowledgeable when it comes to automobiles! Leno has a soft-spot for Bugatti, for obvious reasons. Scroll down for video!

Jay Leno in Bugatti Type 51

Jay Leno in Bugatti Type 51

Leno’s hobby is not just about status, as is the case with most celebs… he genuinely loves the history of the automobile, and is familiar with all brands and components. This is a denim-clad guy that you could actually sit around in a garage with for hours, days..perhaps weeks and discuss nothing but the history of cars and engines. He is a man’s man!

Jay Leno in Bugatti

Leno is also a fan of the Veyron

Recently, Leno was thrilled to have the company of a rare Bugatti Type 51 in his latest garage series installment, and I am sure he wished it were there to stay!

In the video you can see Leno cover what lurks beneath the hood of this vintage Bugatti as well as a bit of history behind the classic. I love the use of the word ‘incestuous’ when describing the brand’s past.