Jay-Z is Not Entirely “Big Pimpin’ Up in NYC”

As the song lyrics go, "I got 99 problems but a b**** ain’t one" and it’s still true. Hip hop mogul Jay-Z is still married and crazy in love with pop star Beyonce Knowles but his hotel dreams seem done for now. About a year ago Jay-Z told the World he would be opening his own branded J Hotel on New York’s West side. Many things, though, have changed in a year and as economic woes continue, the J Hotel is no longer. The NY Times reported that developer Charles Blaichman, behind the famed Soho House, cannot raise enough money for a new hotel. Blaichman who has built two dozen projects in Manhattan over the last two decades needed $370 million for his new hotel venture with Jay-Z. Blaichman struggling to get that money said, "Even the banks who want to give us money can’t." He is now trying to rent out the former Time Warner Cable warehouse where he was to build. As for Jay-Z we figure he isn’t hurting too bad, still "Big Pimpin up in NYC." He has the money, the girl and other successful real estate ventures in New York. In better times someday, somewhere, we are sure a J Hotel or two will pop-up.