Jerry Rice Wants $330,000 For Flubbed Mansion Sale!

Jerry Rice is asking that the people backed out of buying his $11 million dollar mansion pony up the $330,000 owed to him in accordance with contract terms. The contract stated that should the buyers back out, as they did at the last minute, they forfeit the $33,000 USD. Estates and spaces of this caliber come with stipulations to prevent the waste of precious commodities…like Jerry’s time! See photos of mansion at bottom of post!

Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice has deep pockets

Rice’s Northern California mansion was the 2nd most expensive zip code in the U.S. for 2010, which explains the high demands and lawsuit. Documents show that the buyers did sign a contract stating that they would close on the sale by July 15th, 2011 or lose the deposit. Well, a contract is a contract, no matter how steep the terms! This is why you read before you sign…and think very hard!

The mansion features 6 bedrooms, 11 baths, private movie theater, gym and more. Rice even threw in some gym equipment and a bit of luxury furniture to sweeten the deal that ultimately went sour!

 Jerry Rice Mansion

This pad has it all





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