Jersey Shore Meets Miami

The infamously tacky cast of “Jersey Shore” is being transplanted to chic Miami for season 2.  Yes, the self-proclaimed “Guidos/Guidettes” will be touting their self-centered, trashy idea of sophistication that so many have come to adore on our beach lines.  And will the world ever be watching!  The question iJersey Shore Miami Casts, will Miami accept the cast?

That is the thing about Reality TV, the more outrageous, the more people want, and then it must continue to become more shocking to please the audience.  And this theory is no different when it comes to the cast of Jersey Shore. 

Mtv has made the executive decision to film season 2 in sunny Miami, Florida, so will it be called “Jersey Shore Miami”?  Leaving Jersey Shore seems to defeat the purpose, and I can’t picture this particular group fitting into Miami’s ultra-chic, upscale and sophisticated society.  Even our nightclubs are lined with an air of luxury and quasi-respectable behavior.  Imagine the famous “Snooki punch” episode repeating itself at the posh W Hotel South Beach…sigh.

Many are sharing my sentiments here, as South Beach is the playground for the elite, and I am not too sorry to point out that these kids are certainly far from elite.  In some instances it does take more than a respectable paycheck (a rumored $10,000 per episode) to earn respect.  I recommend they take notes from Paris Hilton, who can party and hang out anywhere in South Beach, while maintaining a sense of style. 

In South Beach, the cast may not be thrilled to find others staring at them disdainfully over the rims of premium martinis, not the standard Jersey Shore beer-can-head smash types.  I wonder if they will become bored quickly.

Many seem to feel that the cast of Jersey Shore are littering the beaches with their presence.  I suppose they are going to add a bit of skank to Miami’s swank.  I am interested to know how my readers feel on this standpoint (comment below, don’t hold back).

So we will all be watching as the cameras roll on ‘The Situation’, ‘Snooki’ and the rest of the Jersey Shore gang as they parade their fist-pumping assets down our strip.  Well, at least Snookie had the foresight to arrive in an Escalade; perhaps she has done her South Beach homework.  Raising the velvet ropes for this group is sort of like pulling up to a valet in a rusted Ford Tempo.

I feel certain they will require a few luxury rental cars Miami style this season, and equally sure they should hire a chauffeur.



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