Video: Just Jon Olsson Drifting a Prototype Racecar

Professional adventure skier Jon Olsson has many expensive toys and exotic sports cars that play up to his James Bond style. Not even an injury can keep this guy down–it only served to make him more creative in his endeavors. He simply took his street-legal Rebellion R2k out drifting in the snow.

Watch the fearless Jon Olsson drifting a prototype racecar in the snow. It was just another way for the famous skier to avoid the doldrums associated with boredom during an injury recovery cycle. 

Jon Olsson hails from Sweden and the Rebellion R2k racer was developed for a Gumball 3000 rally. The racer produces 600 horsepower and utilizes the underpinnings of the Ultima GTR with a V8 engine and RWD. The curb weight is a svelte 2,200 pounds. Olsson stated the following about the prototype: “This crazy idea turned out to be one of the most exciting mornings that I have ever had. Pushing full gas while sliding sideways on the top of an empty mountain while the sun is just dipping over the horizon is just hard to beat.”

Jon Olsson Drifting

This is far from the first time Olsson has created something awesome inspired by winter. Remember the Lamborghini Gallardo fitted with a sports rack for his skis and gear? This guy may even be a bit more fun than Bond, and have better stuff. He is a man to watch, as he is constantly out there doing all of the things most people wish they could. Jon Olsson The Lamborghini Gallardo Olsson fitted with a ski transporter. Yes, he did. Photos courtesy of Jon Olsson.

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