Just 2 Enhanced Ferrari Supercars

Supercars like Ferrari come fairly awesome standard, but there are always aftermarket tuners burning to add their own spin to the mix. Case in point: The Ferrari FF tuned by Wheelsandmore and the Ferrari 599 GTB with ADV.1 Wheels. These enhanced Ferrari supercars are noteworthy!

enhanced Ferrari supercars

Ferrari FF tuned by Wheelsandmore

Enhanced Ferrari Supercars

High-performance tuner Wheelsandmore fit the Ferrari FF hot hatch with a nice package. The German tuner modified the FF hatchback with various power upgrades:

  • ECU remap. This version takes the V12 engine from 660 horses up to 705. That is five more than the glorious Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4!
  • There is also an optional stainless steel exhaust with valves that control acoustics. While the stock one also offers this, this one is lighter.
  • Lowering springs take the FF down a notch, a full 1-inch closer to the pavement. Look out for those pesky speed bumps!
  • The project is finished off with a set of new shoes: A set of 6 Sporz forged wheels. Measurements are 21×9.5 in the front and 22×12 bringing up the rear.
  • The rims feature a carbon finish with a white outer disk and are wrapped in Pirelli P Zero Nero rubber

Enhanced Ferrari Supercars

Ferrari 599 GTB Perched on ADV.1 Wheels

Enhanced Ferrari Supercars

A shiny set of ADV5.1 5-spoke wheels give this Ferrari 599 GTB a new attitude! The unique set is finished in brushed silver and mated with Pirelli P-Zero tires. The gorgeous yellow calipers certainly stand out!

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