Just an Aston Martin Dressed for Halloween!

I typically only approve of an orange paint job on F1 racing cars or the occasional oddball exotic car, but I must say that this orange Aston Martin seems to pull it off without making my eyes bleed. With an exotic car like an Aston Martin, it can be difficult to really stand out because these are cars designed to display sophistication and tend to be a bit on the understated side. This owner seems to scream for attention like a holiday goul, you cannot unsee this car!

What do you think as you watch this odd orange Aston lap the track? Is the Aston Martin clad for Halloween, or does it manage to rock the pumpkin shell? Comment below!

 Aston Martin Karussell orange

 Aston Martin Karussell orange

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Aston Martin in orange

So much…orange

Aston Race Car

Luxury racing looks good

Aston Martin

My personal favorite Aston Martin with orange accents

Orange Aston Martin

This hue looks more like an Easter egg gone awry…





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