Just A Ferrari Patrol Car

We have covered some exotic police cars in the past, and yet another has surfaced Columbia! It seems Columbian law enforcement is sending a bold message to criminals that their ill-gotten goods will end up in public hands by transforming the Ferrari of a drug lord into a police cruiser. Previously, a Columbian BMW police car made its mark, but even that is overshadowed by a Ferrari.

Ferrari Police Car Columbia

Ferrari Police Car Columbia

The creative use for the Ferrari comes after several failed attempts to sell it at a luxury car auction. The value of the sports car is estimated at $250,000 and was formerly by Hernando Gomez (aka Rasguno), who was extradited to the United States in 2007.

Lamborghini Police Car

Lamborghini Police Car in Italy

Porsche Police Car

Porsche Police Car

Once black, the Ferrari (model unknown) was painted green and white to match the rest of the police car fleet…though I feel a simple paint job will fail to help this supercar blend in! I assume there may be some friction in the force regarding which officer gets the glory of making the rounds in the Ferrari, and I would be more excited than nervous to be pulled over by this bizarre exotic police car!

Ferrari Police Car

The Ferrari police cruiser in its prior condition

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