Just Park that Lamborghini in the Sand

Ahh the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance…a place to show off your exotic sports car and check out tons of others! Or in this case, a place to completely humiliate yourself by plunging your Lamborghini Gallardo into the 17th hole of the Pebble Beach golf course!

Wrecked Lamborghini Golf Course Sand

The aftermath of the driver’s attention span

Apparently the driver of the Gallardo became lost on the golf course upon departing the Concorso Italiano event at Pebble Beach. No one seems to know exactly how this happened, speculations include everything from alcohol to driver inexperience, but no one is arguing the hilarity factor in this exotic car crash!


This maneuver was an epic facepalm moment!

The only lucky part of this driver’s day was that help arrived almost immediately to retrieve the sandblasted Lambo from the hole. Notice the hoard of onlookers watching it all go down…if this guy is single, it is very likely he went home alone that night, even if he was in one of the world’s best exotic sports cars!

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exotic car crashes

He was not the first to achieve such humiliation…




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