Just A Rolls Royce Altered for Tiger Hunting by Kings

When royalty opt to take up tiger hunting as a hobby, only the finest and most distinctive wheels will do…like a Rolls-Royce altered to serve just that purpose! This bizarre exotic car is now for sale, expected to nab around $1 million dollars at auction!

Customized Rolls Royce for hunting

The Tiger Car, customized for luxury tiger hunting! This is one hot cat-catcher!

This regal and majestic Rolls was switched-up to be able to handle hunting tigers in India by the kings of yester-years, designed for the Maharaja of Kota way back in the day. Unlike other supreme luxury cars, this Rolls can scale jungles thanks to oversized tires and a low-gear ratio.

Customized Rolls Royce

Side view of the Tiger Car, possibly the world’s only Rolls Royce used for hunting

Overwhelming brass searchlights dart side-to-side and there is an onboard arsenal of hunting weaponry…including a machine gun.  Sniper not included. It is being touted as the ‘Tiger Car’, and will be available through Bonham’s luxury car auction on August 18th.

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Tiger hunting Rolls Royce luxury car

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