Just a Scuba Diving Ferrari Enzo Video

This unfortunate Ferrari owner opted for the salt rinse in this $1.5 million dollar carwash! Watch the video below to see a true act of stupidity as Zahir Rana dunks his Ferrari Enzo into the Atlantic and calls it a “boo boo”. Indeed!

It is an exotic car crash that has spread virally across car blogs everywhere, and you will see why!

In the video above you can witness just how the Ferrari Enzo crash went down!

The soft-spoken Rana and his co-driver were finishing a segment of the Targa Newfoundland race in Canada when they encountered gravel and uneven ground, spinning the Enzo into chaos. Rana finds himself in hot water when the supercar slides into the rocky sea below in the blink of an eye, and is obviously shocked at the outcome.

Understandably, Rana is fond of his special Ferrari, and quite crestfallen at its demise. He can just mention that it has upgraded interior should he choose to sell it. Don’t miss our fleet of luxury exotic rental cars on your way out!

Ferrari Enzo Crash

I assume Rana may have wanted a Marlboro while staring down this scene!




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