Just Top 10 Fun Ferrari Facts

Love Ferrari? The brand has an interesting and lengthy history, peppered with some fun facts, including the following 10 tidbits:

Francesco Bararcca

10. The famous Ferrari prancing horse logo originated in 1923, when the mother of Count Francesco Baracca requested that Enzo use the symbol. The symbol was on the Count’s flying ace, as he was a member of the Italian air force during WWI. Follow link for the Ferrari logo history.

9. Buyers of the Ferrari GTO, when new, required personal approval from Enzo himself!

Ferrari 250 GTO

8. The first Ferrari car produced under the brand name was the Ferrari 125 S. The 125 represents the engine displacement and the ‘S’ indicates ‘sport’.

7. Prior to creating Ferrari, Enzo made cars for Alfa Romeo

6. In 1985, a brochure for the 1960’s Ferrari 250 Le Mans nabbed £1,070 at a Christie’s auction in Monaco.

Ferrari 125 S

5. Only 400 Enzo Ferrari models were made (2002), and 14 of them have been totaled so far—at a million USD each!

4. Fiat rejected Enzo’s application for employment, so he went to work for Alfa Romeo. He then raced for Alfa Romeo for 10 years before starting his own racing team, “Scuderia” Ferrari

3. Enzo Ferrari worked as a blacksmith and mule-shoer for the Italian Army during WWI


Enzo Ferrari

2. Enzo was a certified bad ass. In 1919, Enzo and Ugo Sivocci became trapped in deep snow en route to a race and were threatened by a pack of wolves. Rumors say that Enzo pulled out his trusty revolver and they made it to the race on time.

1. Enzo had a reputation for being a bit crude, yet a fabulous businessman. Enzo’s nickname was “”Il Commendatore”, and Mauro Forghieri remarked, “As a businessman, he (Enzo) is excellent. As a human being, he is a zero”. Ouch!

Ferrari crash

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