Justin Bieber’s 3rd Police Encounter…In an Intriguing Batmobile Caddy

Tween heart-throb (and those adults gutsy enough to own up) Justin Bieber has recently enjoyed his third law enforcement experience involving a vehicle…at the tender age of 17! There was the Justin Bieber Ferrari incident (Where some idiot grazed his Ferrari in an LA parking structure), and who can forget the Miami police pulling Bieber over because they mistook him for a child! …Now the young star was issued a warning in his Batman-themed Cadillac for cutting of a CHP officer. Where is his mother? I joke, I joke. Video at bottom!

Justin Bieber Batman


According to sources, Biebs was tooling about LA in a redic Bat-illac CTS-V, flanked by friends in a Range Rover and a black Rolls Royce driven by Sean Kingston. The eye-catching motorcade unwittingly cut off the CHP officer and all 3 vehicles were pulled over. Luckily, all of the motorcade members were let off with a warning.

The Biebster’s Batmobile is even embellished with a custom “JB” logo on the side panel with twin Batman symbols on both the front and back of the Caddy…you know, just to drive home the point. The look is then completed with the word “Batmobile” emblazoned loud and proud on the trunk. Nice.

Bieber Batmobile

Bieber Batmobile…because…why not? All the kids are doing it these days


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