Karl Lagerfield Does It All Chanel

Fashion and music often collide and the latest collision is by Karl Lagerfield. At Paris’ Spring 2009 Fashion Week, famed designer Lagerfield sent Chanel guitars down the runway on models. Runway accessories are usually left to just that, accessories. You know jewelry, heels, bags, hats but leave it to Lagerfield to send a Chanel Guitar down. The guitar is black and Chanel is discretely spelled out across the front. The strap is brown, white, and black with the famous intertwining C’s where the strap attaches to the guitar. Plus, a chic, Chanel signature quilted guitar case in white. The black nylon string guitar, including strap and bag is tagged at $3,690. Of the stand-out accessory, Karl Lagerfield says," Coco Chanel had an affair with Stravinsky, mine was with a guitar." The guitar was, of course, accompanied by  a rock n’ roll wardrobe with fierce metallics and shimmering accents. Not so Spring-y but whatever, you can see the Chanel Guitar up close and personal when you explore Chanel’s Spring 2009 collection. The guitar will be hard to miss after all the media attention it got, we don’t know why. Anyhow, way to draw it in Lagerfield. Chanel really does it all, skis, anowboards and gear, bicycles, fishing poles and frisbees, and now guitars, Chanel World domination next.