Krug Gives it to You On Your Own Terms

A small percentage of the world has been unaffected by the financial crisis or, at least, they are rich enough to never really feel it.  These are the people still spending money and the Krug champagne house is fully catering to them. Krug hosted the biggest Miami Art Basel party on Thursday at the Raleigh Hotel. They were pouring out their best bottles of champagne like it was cheaper than water. Krugis doing just fine and has introduced a new service that allows elite clients to personalize cases of Grand Cuvee. "The Krug On My Own Terms" case is a wooden encasement that on one side can be personalized with metal, mirror, or saddle leather with an inscription of choice. Could make a good gift this season and is sure to make Krug a little extra something, something. You can order your champagne case exclusively from Krug.